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Jaeger will work with you to design and evaluate your project and propose the best solution.  Upon your approval we will produce your system or components in our production facility.  At Jaeger we are always striving for excellence and completing each project to the highest standards in the required time at a competitive price.


Our team will work with you  for your design process.  We offer CAD design and drawings.


  Ÿ Modify  Existing Systems Components
Ÿ Electrical Panels for World Voltages
Ÿ Sub Assemblies to Complete Machines


Ÿ Shearing
Ÿ Punching
Ÿ Forming
Ÿ Welding
Ÿ Painting
Ÿ Assembly
Ÿ Testing
Ÿ Machining

Ÿ CNC Plasma Table


  Ÿ Industrial Enclosures, Cabinets, and Covers
Ÿ Storage Boxes and Bins Truck and Trailer Boxes
Ÿ Filter/Equipment Houses
Ÿ Structural Members
        Ÿ Component Parts
        Ÿ Assembly/Testing
        Ÿ Electrical Panels

        Ÿ Steel, Stainless Steel, & Aluminum

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